Schemes and strategies of the twenty-first century
The labour governmnent moved in two main directions in an attempt to regenerate and also redevelop to urban environments in the UK. The first direction was it created prestige project development such as waterfront developments in Cardiff Bay and the Convention Centre area. A second decision was to develop sustainable communties in a variety of UK towns and cities. So in theory urban economic sustainalibilty should allow people to have access people who live in the cities to a home and job.

Sustainable communites in London
The sustainable communities have general aims set by the labour government.
They work closely with key regional partners who identify any practical steps to ensure that the communities are:
1) Prosperous
2) Have decent homes for sale or to rent at a price that people can afford
3) Safeguard the green and open spaces.
4) Enjoy a well-designed, accessible and pleasant living and working environment
5) Effectively and fairly governed with a strong sense of community

An urgent need for more affordable homes in London to help accommodate its ever increasing population and to reduce homelessness. Essential that the workers are key to the capitals public services are able to afford to live and work in the communites.Government Office for London is working in tandem with the Greater London Authority and local authorites to achieve these aims for an sustainable community.
The Holly Street estate redevelopment in Hackney has helped to tranform an entire community. Alongside the aim of trying to redevelop the housing estates, it helped to reduce the fear of crime, improve security, and reduce the pressure on the health services by improving the mental and physical health of residents.

The Coin Street Community Builders is a social enterprise that has built social housing and commercial developments. The CSCB doesn't distribute its profits from its commerical activites but uses them to subsidise other activites such as Arts and lesiure programmes. Its four housing developments are run by "fully Mutual" cooperatives and provides 220 affordable homes for people in need of housing.

The Greenwich Millennium Village has been built on an old brownfield site. Over five years, there are going to be 1,377 homes being built which includes homes for socail rent or shared ownership.Key features of this project are the sustainablilty, quality of the design and the construction of the homes. Also there is a primary school and also a health centre in the village meaning that there is education, training, healthcare and other community services on one site rather than being spread out. However not everyone believes that these sustainable communtites actually meet the targets that the government has set them as there are many of people who object to these sustainable communities.