Notting Hill

Notting Hill is located in an area of West London in the Royal Borough Kensington and Chelsea.

Notting Hill has a contemporary reputation as an affluent and fashionable area, that is also known for attractive terraces of large victorian townhouses, and high-class shopping and restaurants. :)

Although the place today is a bustling urban area, during the mid-eighteenth century it was a county hamlet, famous for the gravel pits and roadside inns which attracted many highwaymen. During industrialistion workers becan to come from the countrysde, with the landlords building tiny terraced houses to rent to the poor, in victorian times Notting Hill was a rough, working class area.

By the 1950's the area had become synonymous with inner-city deprivation. Over the past 30 year tho the area has seen a steady northwards swarm of gentrification, with demand for housing escalating the housing prices to a point where they can in some areas be more expensive than ulta-upmarket Mayfair.


By the 1980s, single-occupation houses began to return to favour with families who could afford to occupy them, and parts of Notting Hill are today among London's most desirable areas. The parts of Notting Hill near Holland Park are characterised by well-maintained stucco-fronted pillar-porched houses, private gardens, communal gardens, access to the public parks at Holland Park and Kensington Gardens, and smart shops.

There are five main areas to Notting Hill:
- Ladbroke Grove.
- Notting Hill Gate.
- Portobello Road.
- Westbourne Grove.
- North Kensington.

Notting Hill had recently changed thanks to a process called gentrification, this process is when run down/detoriated areas are rehabilitsed by the new wealthy residents, this then in turn increases the house prices making it much more expensive and begins to cause tension with the locals as they can now not afford to live in the areas they want and have grown up in..

Joshua Gardiner 13O! :)